HID Lights

HID Lights

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Superior, brighter lighting for better visibility and style. You will see better in the dark, the road will be better illuminated, objects on the road will be crisper and brighter

Why are our HID lights superior to others?

Get the exact color your want

We offer one of the largest selections of HID colors (3000K to 12000K) so you can get the exact look you want, from yellow euro-fog style (3000K) to show-car intense blue (12000K) and everything in between, including OEM-style (4300K).

Want to see photos? Check our HID Conversion Gallery

HID Colors

The most reliable technology. Always works!

Our HID ballasts are 100% digital. This means the HID lights are more reliable, more durable than the old analog technology sold by competitors.

See farther and better with more powerful HID lights

Our HID bulbs make more light than others because we use high-quality genuine Philips® burners. The result is 3400 lumens (compare to regular halogens at around 900-1200 lumens). Much more light! Want even more? Get one of our 55W kits for up to 4800 lumens.

HID Lighting Power

On top of this, our HID bulbs run cooler and last much longer than regular halogen bulbs or "xenon-style" bulbs.

HID Bulb Lifetime

Peace of mind with the top warranty on the market

Our HID lights are so reliable that we offer a 10-year warranty. For 10 years from the date of purchase, we will replace for free, any part of the HID light that may become defective, including the HID ballasts and HID bulbs. Compare this to the competition's typical 6 months to 2-yr warranty. We stand behind our products. Others not so much.

HID Warranty

Get it delivered quickly

We offer quick, reliable shipping with DHL Express so you always get a tracking number. Our customer service is not in some exotic time zone. Just plain old Pacific Time.

Thousands of satisfied customers

Thousands of our HID lights have been sold worldwide. Literally, thousands. Satisfaction is overwhelming. Check the testimonials to get a glimpse of what our customers think.

Resists rain, snow, salt, mud and dust

Our unique ultra-soft triple-layer weatherproof rings protect the electrical connections from the elements to ensure years of trouble-free operation. No more dangerous short circuits.

HID Weatherproof

Available HID colors: 3000K (yellow), 4300K (OEM), 5000K (white), 6000K (blueish white), 8000K (light blue), 10000K (blue), 12000K (intense blue)

Want to see HID photos? Check our HID Gallery

Available bulb sizes: H1, HB1, HB2, H3, HB3, H4, H4 Hi/Lo, HB4, HB5, H6, H6M, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13, H13 Hi/Lo, 9003, 9004, 9004 Hi/Lo, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9007 Hi/Lo, 9008, 9145, 880 as well as D1S, D1R, D2S, D2R, D4S and D4R

HID Lights

From $99.95 ($199.95)

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What is included?

- 2 HID bulbs (your choice of size and color)

- 2 heavy-duty digital HID ballasts

- All the necessary plug n' play wiring

- Illustrated easy-to-follow installation instructions

- 10-yr warranty on ALL components of the HID lights